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Synergies Work's Learning Hub

Welcome to Synergies Work's Learning Hub

A community of entrepreneurs with disabilities supporting each other and growing together.


Synergies Work launched our Learning Hub with the goal of building a community where entrepreneurs with disabilities can learn, grow, and connect together.

Our Learning Hub features tailored content created by entrepreneurs with disabilities, for entrepreneurs with disabilities. Many of our articles, videos, and guides are written from the perspective and with the lived-experience of business owners with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities.

We also provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs with disabilities to meet others just like them through active discussions, sharing achievements, social chats, virtual events, workshops, and more.

We're here to help you on every step of your journey!

Why is this important?

Based on data provided by the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, there are an estimated 7.3 million microbusinesses owned by individuals with disabilities - comprising 28% of all micro-businesses in the United States. 

These entrepreneurs often lack accessible information on building, growing, and sustaining their businesses. The current library of resources available to people with disabilities is often inaccessible, poorly organized, and written for people without disabilities. This creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is both unwelcoming and unrepresentative of entrepreneurs with disabilities.


Creating accessible resources is an important part of our platform. We're committed to making our content available for everyone through the following methods:

  • Our content will be screen-reader accessible
  • The information presented will be well-organized, easy-to-read, and use reduced jargon and technical language when appropriate
  • All video and audio content will be accompanied by closed captioning and/or transcripts
  • Non-essential design elements and animations will be limited to reduce information overload and distraction

Our mission to create an accessible platform is an ongoing one. If you notice any opportunities for us to improve, we invite you to share your feedback by emailing [email protected].

How can you join?

Registration is free and all our programs and services are provided at no cost to our entrepreneurs. Just click the join button above and become a part of our incredible community!

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